Sotiris Foutsis to the Class of 2018

“We Are” has been the motto of 2017/8.  “We are empowered,” “we are leading the change,” “we are up to the challenge,” and this week we are graduates of one of the most prestigious groups of alumni in Europe and the world!

This motto though is more than just words to paper.  It is a battle cry, a charge into the unknown, it’s the chant we as UNYP alumni should hear and rally around each other, to be there, lift each other up, protect and support each other through the battle of life and our futures. Your degree is one of your weapons to help you in your fight, your alumni network is your shield and together there is no guaranteed success, but they are a solid foundation for going into your future.  The rest is truly up to you as you persevere, struggle, succeed, have setbacks and overcome the challenges before you to become the leader we know you can be!

This year we celebrated 20 years of UNYP’s successes and achievements, and mainly, that was accomplished with and for all of you, our graduates and alumni.  We celebrated with you and we celebrate you and we will continue to do so for the next 20 years.  

"We are UNYP" should be a badge of honor, something to be proud of, you made it, and today is truly about you.  I wish all of you congratulations on your success today and over the past years you spent with us at UNYP and all continued success, joy and health as you continue your journey. Today and always, remember #weareunyp! 

Sotiris Foutsis

General Manager of the University of New York in Prague

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