Sotiris Foutsis to the Class of 2021

On behalf of the entire UNYP Community, I would like to wish all the best to the Class of 2021.

Addressing the graduating class at the graduation ceremony is a special moment for me every year. I always think about all the successful careers that are about to start, all the degrees that will be obtained, and all the stories that will be created. We are occupied every day with various tasks, but this special time is dedicated to celebrating you, our graduates.

I feel the urge to reflect on the last year and a half, in which we have had to take education to the virtual world. Your ability to adapt to the virtual education system and perseverance through these times is admirable. You can be proud of yourself for overcoming these obstacles.

However, it has not been a surprise to me, because I have always known that UNYP students are ready for anything. Please keep learning and advancing. Keep your eyes on the prize and go for it. Use all of the resources that UNYP can provide. Stay in touch with your classmates, reach out to your professors for recommendations and advice. Don’t forget, we exist for you. And when you achieve something special, be sure to let us know. We are always happy and proud to read about the success of our alumni.

I am proud to have you as UNYP ambassadors, who will share our legacy all around the world. I cannot wait to see your success stories in your personal and professional lives. You will always be a part of the UNYP Community. Celebrate your success, and we will see you later in life.

Class of 2021, congratulations.  

Sotiris Foutsis, General Manager

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