Strategic Communications - A master's that can actually change your life

Everything a company does can impact its reputation. Businesses all over the world spend lots of money on the Marketing and PR professionals but fail to integrate their efforts with the activities which happen across the company. Uncoordinated communication may send conflicting messages, and prevent the company from achieving its strategic goals. This is when a company should consider hiring a Strategic Communications professional, to mobilize social power and advance its narrative, to win both short-term and long-term victories. 

Strategic Communication is a critical subject in today’s ‘post-truth’ world. 

T.N.: "We live in the era characterized by chaotic layers of communication channels. With increasing possibilities, a crucial question that should concern both organizations and individuals is one of strategy.  Just having tools at your disposal, won't make you effective, it is the understanding of your choices of channels that help you achieve your goals."

 "The instructors from the La Salle University Philadelphia are the greatest asset of our Master’s in Strategic Communication programme. Although La Salle is a traditional research University, they have a mission of excellence in teaching, which is almost unheard of. That means that every professor who works at La Salle is obliged to be an outstanding instructor. Keeping students engaged and on their toes is part of the job description of La Salle instructors, not just something one ‘hopes’ will happen."

"There are certain advantages to getting a degree in strategic communication in Prague. Traditionally this part of the world has been a focal point for the attention of many different external influences, with various incentives. It is a center of global propaganda, with major government-sponsored news organizations of major global powers, but also of global commercial communications organizations, from Amazon to Microsoft. Something that makes this environment even more interesting is that there is a real desperate need for communication professionals in the Czech Republic. The situation is at a point where headhunting companies are taking people without university degrees to work at agencies because they cannot find qualified candidates. Even at the bachelor’s level, we find our students recruited after a year of study to work at high-powered global agencies." 

"I think that there is nothing better to study in the year 2018 than Strategic Communication. You can apply strategic communication skills to any field, from engineering to psychology. No matter what your background it fits, because now everything is about communication. This program will make you an expert in getting your message across to the right public at the right moment, by teaching you how to engage effectively with different channels of communication, and understand the context and possible impact of the information you are communicating."  

For more information about the Master's degree in Strategic Communication, please follow the link to the University of New York in Prague website. You also still have an excellent opportunity to ask any questions concerning this or any other programs during our Open Day which will take place at the UNYP campus (Londýnská 41) on 16.08.2018, from 09:00 to 18:00. Save the date!

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