A student guide to celebrating Halloween in Prague

Halloween is coming up again, and whether you are enrolled in UNYP's Master's or Bachelor's program, we will help you find a way to celebrate it in Prague the way that suits you best. October 31 falls on a Thursday this year, but you don't have to stay out all night and then shuffle to your Friday lectures like a zombie! Halloween is an increasingly popular holiday in the Czech Republic, and Prague will have plenty of fabulous parties the weekend after (November 1 and 2). And by the way, living on a student budget doesn't mean that you can't dress up for your Halloween night out. If you get creative, you should be able to put together a spooky look without overspending on props. Also, if you are busy preparing for midterms, and have no energy to stray too far from home this year, you might want to order food and invite some friends for a horror movie marathon. 

Halloween Traditions

The tradition of dressing in costume for Halloween has Celtic roots. Hundreds of years ago, people believed that the souls of the dead come back to this world on the night of Halloween. To avoid being recognized by demons and ghosts, people would wear masks when leaving homes after dark – and to keep the spirits from entering people's houses, people would place bowls of food outside their homes as a distraction. 

Where to get a Halloween costume in Prague? 

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to make yourself a Halloween costume, consider checking out what's available at Ptakovyny Ipak, and in any of the Flying Tiger stores. If you don't want to buy a whole new outfit for the occasion, you might want to check out the multitude of Youtube makeup tutorials and get everything you need for a spooky look at the NYX Cosmetics store in Novy Smichov or the Halloween Store

Creepy Movies Marathon 

While trying to revise for your midterms, you may find a low-key Halloween a better option. Grab some Halloween snacks from the Marks & Spencer food section, and settle for a night watching scary movies. From classics like The Shining and Pet Sematary to the recently released The Dead Don't Die, these films will make your casual get-together a bit spookier. 

Best Halloween Parties in Prague

If you are determined to win a prize for the most original Halloween costume, here are a few parties to consider.  

When: October 29

Where: 36 Underground

Probably the biggest Halloween celebration in all of the Czech Republic, with students attending from all the major Prague universities. By the way, did you know that this venue used to be the slaughterhouse for Prague Market? 

When: October 31

Where: Roxy 

Not just a Halloween party, but a Halloween festival! The music always comes first at Roxy, and the Halloween party will be no exception. 

When: November 1-2

Where: SaSaZu

Another costume party, but this time the stakes are high! A prize of 40,000 Czech crowns is on offer for the most original and outstanding costume, and you can also expect a top-notch entertainment program with live performances. 

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