The summer class Introduction to Painting develops students´ creativity and passion in art

The summer class Introduction to Painting, taught by Natasha Sutta, is a course where students can develop their creativity and passion in art. Students learn the basic concepts of painting and then learn to use these to paint their pictures. Professor Sutta gives excellent guidance throughout the course and supports students with their creativity. Due to the busy schedule many students have at UNYP, this course provides time to sort and structure their thoughts. During the summer period, I took three classes, one of which was Introduction to Painting, and it helped me to keep a clear head and time all my assignments accordingly.

This class is a great way for new students to get to know each other and spend time outside of class. I also enjoyed meeting students from other majors and found common interests. Introduction to  Painting is a great opportunity to get to know Prague from an artistic perspective, and also its history. Professor Sutta not only teaches students to paint, but also teaches them historical facts about the buildings and parks we visit. As we go outside every day and paint in various beautiful places, we can find an escape from our busy lives and develop our creativity. I think many students don't even know how talented they are and need help to find a new direction to focus on in their future lives. The exhibition at the end of the class, where students can present their work to family and friends, is a great way where one can see development  in the paintings and also see what others have accomplished. Taking this class has definitely been a great experience for me and I am happy that UNYP offers students classes that help to develop our creativity and experience in Prague from a new point of view.

* Article is written by Christina Kneitz, UNYP student

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