Texas Tech returns to UNYP and visited the ExxonMobil Business Support Center Czechia s.r.o.

The alliance between Texas Tech University's (TTU) Rawls College of Business and the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) began in 2003 and has grown much stronger over the years because the two universities share a mutual goal of expanding their respective global footprints.  Over the last 13 years, more than 250 Texas Tech University Rawls students have studied in Prague.  

Each year the TTU- Rawls Business Leaders (RBL) Scholars program takes a select group of top business scholars abroad to explore a variety of international business and cultural opportunities.  The Rawls Business Leadership Program, which was established in Fall 2013, creates a dynamic learning experience designed to provide students with real-world knowledge and experiences to excel in leadership roles. The program focuses on developing "complete students" who possess both a strong academic foundation and real-world experience necessary to be an innovative and ethical leader. This year, the RBL students visited Prague, Krakow and Berlin.  

This year, with the support of UNYP the students from the program visited ExxonMobil. The students had to opportunity to receive an overview of ExxonMobil and Business Support Center Prague, as well as to have an open dialogue with Dana Puscasu (Lead Functional Manager Procurement), Leonardo Pucciatti (Lead Functional Manager Payables) and Veronika Drozenova (Recruitment Advisor). The RBL students and faculty were thrilled with their experience at ExxonMobil and wish to sincerely thank all those at UNYP and ExxonMobil for helping arrange this wonderful afternoon.

The students were accompanied by Professor John J. Masselli, by Professor Paul Goebel and the faculty leader spouse Katherine Goebel.  

Photo credit: Anthony Moreau (ExxonMobil)

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