Texas Tech University Summer Program

“One of the biggest regrets students have is that they didn’t study abroad,” states John Masselli, PH.D, CPA, who began TTU’s Summer Program at UNYP.  His motivation in designing the program was to give graduate students, who missed the opportunity to study abroad as an undergrad, another chance to learn overseas.  Since then, the program has grown to admit both graduate and undergraduate students that are interested in studying in Prague.

Professor Masselli explained that when choosing a university to cooperate with back in 2003, he weighed the benefits from various international schools.  He found that UNYP offered innovation to their students.He went on to explain that in the last 12 years, many factors have changed for UNYP for the better, notably, the increase in affiliations, providing students with opportunities, such as student exchanges, study abroad agreements, double-degree agreements, faculty exchanges, joint events, and joint research. 

The summer program initially started as the Rawls College of Business Summer Program in Prague, but has since opened its doors to the College of Visual and Performing Arts and the College of Human Sciences, and is renamed to the Texas Tech University Summer Program in Prague. In addition to a class about the US tax system, a course on conflict and negotiation and a human resources management class, the program also includes guest lectures and lively excursions to Krumlov, Budvar Brewery, Kutná Hora, Krakow, and Auschwitz.  UNYP students are also more than welcome to attend classes, since it creates a unique discussion, “It only takes one local student to be in the class, and it changes the dynamic in a very positive way.”

This year, 43 students attended the program, and throughout the past 10 years, over 15 of TTU’s students have continued on to spend their fall semester at studying at UNYP.  Professor Masselli explains that the UNYP staff has been receptive to TTU and he believes that both universities work toward the same goals.  With this in mind, students can be assured that taking courses in this summer program will not only give them the knowledge, support, and encouragement they’re looking for, but will also broaden their horizons through new experiences and cultures. 


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