Outside of Prague the Czech Republic is filled with beautiful villages, winding rivers and mountaintop castles. Here are our top three Czech getaways that mustn’t be missed while you’re studying at UNYP, just make sure to pack your camera!

For nature and thrills in South Bohemia

Situated about 200 kms from Prague on the top peak of a popular ski resort, Lipno’s Treetop Walkway and observation tower provide year round views of the gorgeous Šumava Mountains and nearby Lipno Lake, from its perch 40 meters above the ground! On summer evenings the massive wooden walkway is illuminated, providing breathtaking sunset views to the tune of live concerts, and adrenaline lovers can skip the walk back down and take a ride on the dry toboggan instead!

For some Czech romance

Take a bus to the South Bohemian town of Český Krumlov, or even better - rent a car with a few friends so you can make some scenic stops along the way. This romantic little castle town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s a great spot to take in some local wine and food. Be sure not to miss the baroque theatre in the castle while you’re there!

For movie star glamour

Also known as Carlsbad, Karlovy Vary is a picturesque spa town about 130kms west of Prague. Since the 19th century Czechs have wandered the town’s cobbled streets with ceramic mug in hand, helping themselves to the warm and reportedly ‘healing' spring water that flows beneath the city. Today the town is mostly famous for its annual film festival, which draws international celebrities and massive crowds of movie fans, but you can still sample the 72 degree celsius waters from outlets around the town, or if you’re squeamish take a soak in one of the many spa hotel's thermal baths instead!

To immerse yourself in gothic castle life

A visit to the Czech Republic isn’t complete without getting to know a few of the country’s castles. Just a short 30km bus ride (or scenic bike ride!) from Prague is one of the country’s prettiest, Hrad Karlštejn. Built in 1348 by King Charles IV, the fairytale-worthy castle is best toured with a guide. There’s a small village framing the winding path leading up to the castle as well, with many options for a medieval style lunch, and be sure to taste the world’s best palačinky on your way back down!

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