Top five secret places in Prague

You have probably heard that Prague is a wonderful city, full of beautiful and historical sights. However, there is a whole hidden city beyond the well-trafficked tourist attractions. If you have ever felt that there must be more to the city than Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge, and the other overcrowded touristy areas, you are absolutely right!

Come with us on a tour of the secret parts of Prague. First, we will show you a secluded, beautiful view of almost the entire city, and after that, we will stop for a bite to eat and a coffee. Refreshed, we will enjoy a beautiful park that will make you feel like royalty, and finally, a special bonus just for you.  


The NH Prague Hotel Cable Car

In Prague 5, there is a hidden funicular which links two of the NH Prague hotel buildings. It is completely free, and if you are brave enough to take it, you can enjoy a great view of the city. What is more, there is even a scenic restaurant with pretty decent food.


Café looking for its name

Are you a fan of non-traditional restaurant and coffee shop concepts? Then this café is just for you, although it still doesn’t know what its name is! The name of the cafe is Kavarna co hleda jmeno – literally “cafe looking for its name” in Czech. They are very well known for their breakfast and coffee, and their eggs Benedict is particularly delicious. One more thing – we aren’t exaggerating when we say this café is “hidden”! If you feel like you are lost when looking for it, you are going in the right direction.


Café Imperial

This one was really tough to find, but we did it – and we love it! From the street, this place could be a palace or museum, but in fact it is a restaurant open to the public. By the time you read this article, this restaurant may no longer be hidden and secret, because it is slowly but surely making a name for itself. Café Imperial is run by Zdenek Pohlreich, one of the most renowned chefs in the Czech Republic, and is known mainly for its elaborate interior and cuisine. A bit more expensive, but worth every penny.


Palace Garden under Prague Castle

Although Prague Castle might be the most visited tourist sight in the entire Czech Republic, there are still some parts which are not that well-known. This complex of gardens can be found just below the square where the statue of Tomáš Garique Masaryk stands. The only downside is that as a student you have to pay the 70 CZK entrance fee, but the gardens are so beautiful that it is really worth your while.


Skautský institut

The Scouting Institute is a truly hidden spot right in the center of Prague, with absolutely no tourists around. What is more, it really is 50 meters from the Astronomical Clock on Old Town Square! The Skautský institut is a great place to read, work or study, with something of a hipster vibe. If you ever get hungry, we recommend the famous onion bread. You won’t believe that such a space can exist right in the middle of the busiest square in all of Prague – and once you visit, you will be a local!

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