University Rector shares the key to startup success

From business executives to those studying to get their MBAs in Prague, many are interested in one fundamental question when it comes to entrepreneurship: What makes a startup successful? The University of New York in Prague Rector Andreas Antonopoulos recently made headlines with his expertise on the subject.

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According to the Spanish business publication El Cronista, Antonopoulos said that when it comes to a startup’s success two things matter: how an entrepreneur responds to the complex, ever-changing business environment and his or her coachability. Antonopoulos gave a similar talk at TEDxUNYP last year, where he evaluated the importance of money versus talent when building a startup. “It’s about the skill understood as the ability to listen, learn and take corrective actions to improve the business,” he told El Cronista in Spanish. 

With over 25 years in the field, Antonopoulos is a unique business expert with a blend of academic, entrepreneurial, investment and corporate experience. As a partner at Venture Growth Partners, he focuses on early-stage investments. He co-founded Viva Credit, a market leader microlender in Romania and has been an angel investor for dozens of startups. When he’s not acting as an advisor and mentor, he teaches Entrepreneurship in the University of New York in Prague MBA program. 

Read El Cronista article here. 

Watch TEDxUNYP video of Andreas’ speech. 

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