UNYP and SUNY Empire State - A 20 year partnership bringing American degrees to Prague

For the past two decades, University of New York in Prague and the State University of New York (SUNY), Empire State College have been united in their efforts to provide their students with the best quality higher education in Prague. However, even with this close cooperation, many students are unaware of the benefits this partnership provides. Luckily, we have Dr. Sheila Aird acting as SUNY Empire’s resident champion to educate us on the ins and outs of this relationship and what it means for students. “UNYP’s partnership with SUNY Empire State College is unique in that it allows students to be in Europe and achieve an American bachelor’s degree,” Dr. Aird says. Here’s your introduction to SUNY Empire State College and how it relates to UNYP.

Why SUNY Empire?

Students can receive an American degree from an internationally recognized institution. Empire State College is part of the largest comprehensive state university in the United States. Empire State College is a regionally accredited college of the State University of New York by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

What’s more is that it offers a unique and non-traditional approach to learning. The Empire State College staff work with students to design an educational plan that best suits their future dreams and goals. They also utilize various online resources to connect students from different continents. “Students at our European location are not getting a different type of education,” Dr. Aird says. “They’re receiving the same education as students in the United States, and can participate in many parts of Empire State College life if they connect with the various resources that are available to them.”

Dual UNYP and SUNY/ESC degrees

A major benefit of this partnership is that students get the opportunity to achieve both an American and a Czech bachelor’s degree if they choose. In order to graduate with the American degree, students must obtain 124 credits and submit a final project or thesis. Students who opt to get the Czech degree as well must obtain 128 credits, take the state exam, and defend their thesis with UNYP. This dual degree path can be achieved in the same four-year period without additional costs.

What the UNYP and SUNY Empire State College relationship means for students:

SUNY Empire State College has its own set of requirements that students must satisfy while at UNYP in order to obtain the American bachelor’s degree or maintain the dual degree path.

For students of UNYP, the transition from UNYP to SUNY/ESC is quite clear; students begin by taking general education courses and other courses within the program through our partner UNYP. Once the student has minimally amassed 60 credits, and meet other Empire State College criteria, the students will be invited to attend an orientation and undergo an internal transfer to become officially students of SUNY/ESC. At this time, the Empire State College staff will work with the student to ensure they reach their educational goals and complete requirements for the American bachelor’s degree while continuing to study at UNYP.

That’s our brief introduction about SUNY Empire State College! If you’re still wondering whether getting the American bachelor’s degree is right for you, don’t be shy. Stop into the SUNY Empire offices located on the 4th floor of the UNYP campus and chat with Dr. Aird directly. She’s good company and always eager to help students.

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