UNYP announces TOP 3 nominees for Alumni of the Year 2022


Top 3 final nominations for the Alumni of the Year Award 2022

The University of New York in Prague has always been promoting academic excellence. Our alumni continue to impact the world positively upon completing their studies. Acknowledging and rewarding these efforts is the right way forward. To this end, we are proud to announce our top 3 nominations for the 2022 Alumni of the Year Award.

In the words of our General Manager, Sotiris Foutsis: “The University of New York in Prague is truly a product created and perfected by the quality of our Alumni. All of our graduates go out into the world as UNYP ambassadors, and many have consistently shown themselves to be shining beacons giving their light to their communities and professions, and even giving back to current UNYP students.”

UNYP is thrilled to announce the TOP 3 nominees for this year 2022:

Amit Grinvald

Class of 2016 – Business Administration

Amit has continued to take an active role in the UNYP community after his graduation. He is a former member (and indeed, former President) of UNYP Student Council, one of the faces of UNYP’s WE ARE campaign and an initiator and a co-organizer of TEDxUNYP events.

After graduation, Amit started to work for Keastone, a company co-founded by UNYP alumnus and professor Jeffrey  Alan  Medeiros, where he currently holds the position of Operations and Accounting Manager across its international presence in the US, Europe and India.


Jeffrey  Alan  Medeiros

Class of 2012 – Master of Business Administration

Jeff is always keen to share his experiences, and with this in mind, he continues to pass down his professional wisdom by teaching several courses at UNYP. Jeff lives by the motto “If I can do it, anyone can,” which he believes is a message that needs to be presented to students in order to help them find their own success.

Jeff is the co-founder of Keastone, which is working towards developing an All-In-One software platform to help bring sanity to what has become a chaotic digital world.


Alexander Raiman

Class of 2008 – Business Administration

Alexander has achieved a Chief Operating Officer position at the company Keastone by also being its co-founder. He went through Socialbakers as well on a great position - Director of Sales and Marketing Operations, Chief of Staff. He has co-founded Saleshero company with the purpose to help B2B companies to increase their revenue by 50-100% YoY. For the past 10 years they have perfected their coaching methodology and because of it, companies such as:  SOCIALBAKERS,  DATADDO,  JT,  SPACETI,  GRAPHAWARE  have  outstanding  results. Alexander is also a Board Member of the International Business Forum. He is connected with UNYP by being the Alumni Association board member as well as by giving presentations and moderating.


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