UNYP announces TOP 5 nominees for Alumni of the Year

UNYP has always been extremely proud of its Alumni, which is why the Alumni of the Year Award was created. The Award is one way to acknowledge and reward an alumnus or an alumna and their achievements. UNYP’s Alumni continue to change the world for the better and UNYP believes that rewarding these efforts is the right way forward.

The 2018 Award will be historically first and the recipient of the Award will be announced at UNYP’s 20th Anniversary Gala Evening on May 18, 2018.

UNYP is thrilled to announce the TOP 5 nominees for this year:


Monika Hansson Tutter

2003 Business Administration, 2004 MBA - Finance & Banking

Monika is a strong believer in giving back to people, which is one of the reasons why she started her own coaching practice. Being a dedicated member of the UNYP community, Monika continues to support the university on multiple levels with a variety of initiatives. Some of these initiatives include: designing a coaching-focused course at the university, sharing her experience in a TEDxUNYP talk, taking part in cross-country Road Shows, where she helped student think more about their future and many more.  


Petar Buha

2014 - Business Administration & International Economic Relations (Double Major)

Currently, Petar works as Management Consultant at Accenture specializing in the financial services industry, after working his way up from an entry-level position at the same company. Almost immediately after graduating from UNYP and finishing his Master’s degree, Petar decided to share his expertise with UNYP students in a series of lectures, which eventually led to Petar becoming the teacher of a business analytics course. Apart from sharing practical skills, Petar also successfully delivered an inspirational TEDxUNYP talk. 


Jeffrey Medeiros

2012 - MBA MIS

Always wanting to share experience, Jeff teaches several courses at UNYP and continues to pass down his professional wisdom. Jeff lives by the "If I can do it, anyone can" motto, which he believes is a message that needs to be presented to the students to reach their full potential. Jeff is the co-founder of Keastone, which is working towards developing a platform that can help make people’s information management simpler and more efficient.


Marcel Kaba

2009 - International Economic Relations

In Marcel’s life, academic and professional success go hand in hand. Being the youngest Country Director of an international non-governmental organization (INGO) in Kenya, Marcel strives to improve humanity at large, as he spent his entire career in the humanitarian sector helping people in Afghanistan, South Sudan and China. At the same time, Marcel managed to finish his master studies in New York and this year received a prestigious doctoral scholarship to pursue a PhD degree in Australia.


Tomáš Kubica

2007 – Business Administration; International & Economic Relations

Tomáš has had an inspirational career path since leaving UNYP with positions at McKinsey & Co, Goldman Sachs and currently KKR, across Prague, London, and now Silicon Valley. He has continued to stay part of the UNYP community by serving on the first ever Business Department Advisory board from 2015-2017, preparing a comprehensive report with recommendations for growth and improvement at UNYP, and mentoring a number of students and graduates over the years.

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