UNYP CAREER WEEK - a path to your career!

University of New York in Prague is organizing our annual Career Week on the 3rd – 6th April 2017. UNYP Career Week contains many events to help our bachelors and even masters students students prepare for their career after finishing their university program or even to find internships during their studies. Career week at UNYP is also open to Alumni on both sides of the table, as it could be a great opportunity for them to return and present their companies or even get in touch with someone that could lead to a dream job. This year more than 20 Czech and international companies will take part in the events.

UNYP places a strong value on the employability of its graduates. Organizing events and suporting our students and alumni in their career and other related activities to succeed on the job market is one of our key goals.

Last year’s Career Days included several workshops and presentations of companies as well as a two day Career Fair, where 18 companies from various fields participated by setting up stands to speak with students about potential career and internship opportunities. The fair is based on personal contact between students and company recruitment representatives. Students and graduates have the opportunity to meet with companies and gain more information about the employers and make that most important first impression.

This year’s Career Week is even bigger than last year’s! More than 25 Czech and international companies are participating in Career Fair, as well as giving presentations, workshops and seminars for students such as Amazon, Unilever, ExxonMobile, McKinsey 7 Company, Socialbakers and more.

The purpose of the workshops and seminars this year is to support and guide students entering the job market. They also help students with writing and improving cover letters and CVs, and provide advice on how to apply for job offers or internships or how to prepare for the interviews.

This year will be truly exceptional and we hope that you will take the time to stop by and join us if you are a student, alumni or event friend to UNYP!  

First stop: Workshops and presentations of the companies 


  Date: Monday, 3rd of April
  Time: 12am – 1pm
  Where: Auditorium (-1 floor)
  Who is it for: Everyone


How to Stand Out Online & Find Your Dream Job

You will explore the latest trends in branding yourself online and offline and getting noticed. You’ll learn the do’s and don’t’s of LinkedIn and social media for students and graduates so that your dream companies will notice you.




Date: Monday, 3rd of April
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Where: Auditorium (-1 floor)
Who is it for: Everyone

 Why only Unicorns can get jobs in marketing and drive a Porsche

Finding a job in marketing is no easy task. With the vast fragmentation of consumer marketing, graduates need to know how to handle traditional, digital and manage data for optimal performance. Brands and agencies alike have needed to blur the employee titles to encompass a vast array of tasks. Graduates need to transform themselves into walking unicorns to move forward.




Date: Monday, 3rd of April
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Where: Auditorium (-1 floor)
Who is it for: Everyone

Explore international volunteering

Would you like to leave your comfort zone? Explore yourself and the world through international volunteering! Workshop of INEX- Association for Voluntary Activities and its activities will let you know your opportunities already now!



Second stop: Workshops and presentations of the companies part 2

Date: Tuesday, 4th of April
Time: 12am – 1:30 pm
Where: Auditorium (-1 floor)
Who is it for: Everyone

Bara Rodi: Communication styles - getting along with your colleagues

Practical workshop that can help you to improve communication and relationships at work (and also in personal life).

The workshop will be interactive, all the tips can be applied immediately into your work life and personal life.



Date: Tuesday, 4th of April
Time: 2pm – 3 pm
Where: Auditorium (-1 floor)
Who is it for: Everyone

Sales Process: 10 commandments of top sales people

Since everything in the modern world is a tradable commodity, sales is world’s biggest driving  force. Sales skills are required in every position you as prospects want to apply for. The workshop by TBM Evolution’s, Tamaz Chokhonelidze, will look into 10 crucial steps of the sales process. It will focus on multiple industry-specific role plays enabling participants to practice skills which will apply to their future work environments. Intensive feedbacks will be provided by skilled sales professionals.


Date: Tuesday, 4th of April
Time: 5pm – 6pm
Where: Auditorium (-1 floor)
Who is it for: Everyone


Key skills of a great trainer/teacher

In this workshop, you will learn which skills you should have in order to captivate your audience, keep them motivated and pass on the desired knowledge. Together, we will create an ideal trainer's profile as well as brainstorm the key elements of a successful and efficient training/teaching session. This workshop is useful for those, who wish to raise their competence as future managers, teachers, team leaders or trainers


Third stop: Workshops and presentations of the companies part 3


 Date: Wednesday, 5th of April
 Time: 12am – 1pm
 Where: Classroom 001 (1stfloor)
 Who is it for: Everyone

Why would KANYE WEST not pass an interview with top companies? 

Learn from Kanye’s mistakes and get yourself ready to land your first proper job in a top company. With our advice, you will know exactly how to prepare for an interview, how to answer tricky questions and how to make a good impression that will separate you from the crowd. We will tell you when to start applying for jobs, how is the process different for non-EU nationals and provide you with real-life examples of interview fails and wins.


 Date: Wednesday, 5th of April
 Time: 12am – 1pm
 Where: Classroom 001 (1stfloor)
 Who is it for: Everyone

Employment in the Czech Republic 

Guests from a non-profit organization Integration Centre Prague will conduct a seminar on employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic. They will provide general information on the procedure of employing foreigners and discuss legal regulations, different types of labour contracts, self-employment opportunities and the job search process. 


 Date: Thursday, 6th of April
 Time: 2pm – 3:30pm
 Where: Classroom 001 (1stfloor)
 Who is it for: Everyone

Backstage of career development 

Can success be planned? Which career path is right for me? How to design success at work?  How to start building a solid career path? 

In this workshop you will learn the unspoken success strategies. Let`s discover go to the backstage of successful journey together.

Last stop: Career Fair 

Date: 5th and 6th of April
Time: 10am – 4pm
Where: Auditorium (-1 floor) and Classroom 001
Who is it for: Everyone

Career Days culminates in the final 2-day Career Fair event. Career Fair is broken down into several events, including company presentations in Classroom 001 and companies’ stands set up in the Auditorium. Come talk to the companies, find out what kind of positions they have and what could you apply for. And of course, have your CV with you! 


Wednesday, April 5thThursday, April 6th
Auditorium, 10am - 4pmAuditorium, 10am - 4pm




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