UNYP community donates gifts to Dolní Počernice Children’s Home

Philanthropy is an important UNYP tradition, and every year we mark the holiday season by collecting for a charitable cause. This year, the UNYP Student Council has worked with the UNYP library and the university community to collect Christmas presents for children at the Dolní Počernice Children’s Home (DDDP). On December 17th, we delivered the gifts to the Children’s Home. We talked to Mrs. Viera Holcmanová, the coordinator of this charitable donation and an educational leader at DDDP.

Could you please describe the Children’s Home for our readers who don’t know you?

Our Children’s Home is located in Prague Dolní Počernice, and has a capacity of 83 children. We currently accommodate 74 children, with more to come. We have five family groups in our main facility, and more in our external apartment units situated around Prague. We are very proud of our new “Rehearsed Living” project, which allows adolescents who are 16 and older to prepare themselves for living an independent life. Another project that we are currently working on is “Activation Family” which focuses on children with a high chance of reintegrating into their own families. Together with a social worker, the children work on procedures that will allow a fulfilling life with their own families.

Our main mission is to bring children back into their own functioning families. However, there are some children who need to stay with us, and we want to give them a beautiful childhood and prepare them for independent life outside our home. 

How do you use and distribute the gifts from the UNYP community?

We distribute the donated gifts to each child and family, based on age, interests and requests. We collect wishes from the families beforehand, so we know what they need and what will make them happy. Your donations will decorate and improve our rooms and facilities. 

What else can we do to help?

We appreciate any material and financial assistance – it could be drugstore products, blankets, linen, towels, etc. Your financial donations will be used for activities such as vacations, camping trips, extracurriculars, and therapy. 

Do you have a message for the UNYP community?

We would like to use this chance to thank the entire UNYP community for this donation, and to wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year. We appreciate that you have chosen our Children’s Home. Your gifts made our children very happy – it is always a fulfilling feeling when we see the happiness in our children’s eyes. 

UNYP would like to thank the UNYP Student Council and the UNYP Library for helping with this charitable donation. It was our pleasure to meet the people behind DDDP and their children, and we can’t wait to see you again in the future!

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