UNYP expands MBA program to Slovenia with a new partner

The University of New York in Prague marked the month of September with an exciting new collaboration with GEA College (Ljubljana, Slovenia) on the implementation of a new MBA program. Both higher education establishments share a mutual goal of training and empowering the future leaders of the business world, and for this reason the new MBA program is focused on the development of practical knowledge. The majority of the course will be taught in Ljubljana, with some lectures being held in Prague. The MBA students will have an opportunity to learn from international lecturers with extensive academic and entrepreneurial experience, and to contribute to cultural exchange in the business and academic spheres. 

“This collaboration between GEA College and the University of New York in Prague demonstrates our belief in the power of networking, as we welcome international lecturers with real-world experience to Ljubljana. I look forward to these interactions, the fresh perspectives and, above all, the opportunity to share these experiences with the participants of the program,” said Katja Kraškovic, GEA College Manager. 

This MBA degree is particularly suitable for ambitious middle managers, independent consultants, and key client administrators who are looking to expand their professional expertise and move up in their careers. The application process for the program will start this October, with the first generation of MBA participants beginning their studies in October 2020. The course will last for 18 months, and will take place during weekends with a final project to be completed under the guidance of an individually assigned mentor.

“We are excited to add GEA College to our growing list of university partners, especially considering our shared emphasis on the importance of business education. The program will combine GEA College’s learning platform with the academic rigor and teaching excellence that we offer at our faculty. This new MBA program leverages UNYP’s academic strength in entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing, among many other disciplines. At UNYP, we consider relationship-building and an interactive learning environment to be critical factors for student success in a business program. Through this partnership, we will prepare a new generation of outstanding business leaders.” said Sotiris Karagiannis, Graduate Business Program Manager at UNYP. ​


The Master of Business Administration is an internationally-recognized graduate degree designed to develop the skills required for careers in business and management. The GMAC (Graduate Management Admissions Council) reports that 81 percent of surveyed companies actively seek out MBA graduates when looking for new staff in managerial positions, and as a result, MBA degree holders dominate the management tier all over the world. An MBA degree is a serious long-term investment that helps professionals to increase problem-solving skills, progress in their careers and thus increase their salaries. 


Photo: Katja Kraškovic (GEA College Manager); Sotiris Foutsis (UNYP General Manager)


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