UNYP expands semester abroad options by joining Erasmus+

What do you imagine first when you hear the word “Erasmus”? Traveling all over Europe? Exploring new places? Meeting new people? Learning and studying in a new language? All this is now available to UNYP students – and financially supported by the European Union.

The University of New York in Prague, for the first time in its history, has received a financial grant to support Erasmus students while they live and study in a different EU country. While study abroad might seem financially impossible for many students, a grant of this kind can make the dream a reality. 

Erasmus+ will help UNYP attract, retain, and graduate more students.

Full-time degree students can apply for Erasmus (as well as other UNYP Exchange and Study Abroad programs) after they complete their first year of study, and there are many different institutions in Europe to choose from. Under the regular Exchange Program (which was not financially supported), UNYP had long-standing partnerships with schools in Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Germany. With the start of Erasmus, these existing partnerships were brought under the auspices of Erasmus, allowing students to take advantage of the financial support that the European Union provides. Under Erasmus, UNYP has forged new partnerships with other countries in Europe, such as Portugal and Great Britain, and is currently finalizing a partnership with a school in Denmark. 

Erasmus partnerships take the form of bilateral agreements between schools, so we can only send students to schools where we already have signed bilateral partnerships. You can see the list of partner schools on our eLearning page. 

Some of our students are very creative and proactive – if a school that they want to study at is not on our list, they contact the school themselves and make it happen. This is how we got the University of Malaga (one of our very favorite universities in Spain) to sign an agreement with us for one semester – with enough ambition and work, anything is possible! However, the hardest part of the search for partners is the requirement that classes must be taught in English – of course, many European schools teach in their national language.

The financial support that is given to students under Erasmus grows every year. For example, take Spain, the most popular country. A student that decides to go to Spain will receive 450 EUR a month – the same for a student going to France, Germany or the Netherlands. Great Britain is in a different group, and students going there will get 510 EUR a month. There is a strong emphasis on signing up new partnerships with other countries within this group, such as Ireland, Sweden or Norway. 

In general, the signed partnerships are set to run to 2020. This is because, after 2021, the Erasmus program is set to see a dramatic increase in funding from the European Union. For comparison, Erasmus received EUR 14.7 billion for the period from 2014 to 2020 but is expected to receive EUR 30 billion for 2021-2027. This means that over 8 million more students will have the opportunity to study abroad with financial support. 

The first UNYP Erasmus students are currently enjoying their semester abroad, and we are all excited for them.

Erasmus is a very new thing for UNYP, and we will learn things as we go. It is exciting and challenging at the same time, so let’s enjoy this fun experience together!

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