UNYP hosted the first webinar in cooperation with the Economic Olympiad

On Thursday, November 18th, the University of New York in Prague hosted its first webinar in cooperation with the Economic Olympiad – GetReady4EO with UNYP - for high school students that will be taking part in this year´s competition. Economic Olympiad and its partnership with UNYP is a great project with a specific mission to educate and increase the economic literacy of Czech Youth.

The event was moderated by Dan Šťastný, Dean of School of Business at UNYP, who was debating with his four special guests Eva Schwarzová (Analyst INEV, EO Alumni), Dominik Stroukal (Economic expert, Roger Payment Institution), Petr Bartoň (Economic expert, NATLAND) and Lukáš Kovanda (Economic expert, Trinity Bank).

Over 200 students and teachers combined attended the event on Zoom and YouTube Live. It was an unique chance for all to ask questions and learn from experience of Czech top economic experts. Our amazing speakers discussed the importance of the economic education, financial literacy and its applications in real life situations. Eva Schwarzová being former finalist of the Economic Olympiad was providing useful tips and insights to the process of making it all the way to the finals. In the end, our panelists tried to answer all interesting questions from the online audience.

We are delighted that we were able to provide such an interesting event about a very important topic for the high school students. UNYP together with EO plan to continue with this mission, as there are two more webinars scheduled before the regional and the final round that will be more specific and will be focusing on issues students might have come across in the tests.

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