UNYP hosts Colorado State University Summer Program in Criminology

Our partnership with Colorado State University (CSU) is getting stronger every year. This year, for the second time, we hosted a group of summer program students coming to Prague to study criminology and criminal justice. 

A group of 16 American students led by Dr. Michael Hogan traveled to Prague to take part in the summer program offered by CSU. They studied two courses with concentration in criminology and criminal justice which covered topics like human trafficking, war crimes, domestic violence, corruption or drug policy. Criminology is one of the fastest growing academic fields and Czech Republic has a lot to offer. Students had a great opportunity to learn about the nature and extent of Czech crime and also about how the Czech criminal justice system works. As part of the summer program they visited many interesting places and institutions which are normally closed to the public. This summer, participants visited for example three prisons – Pankrác, Ruzyně and Všehrdy, two police stations, the Czech Municipal Court in Prague, and the Harm Reduction Drop in Center for active drug users. The summer course consists of both hands-on experiences and classroom teaching for which CSU students welcomed UNYP’s cozy campus in the downtown Prague. “UNYP premises are excellent and UNYP students are more than welcome to join our summer course next year,” says Michael Hogan. 

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