UNYP hosts successful public psychology webinar on virtual education

On Thursday, March 25th, the University of New York in Prague held its first ever public online event. The webinar focused on helping parents, teachers, and students to overcome the challenges of virtual education, and was hosted by Dr. Linda Maruščáková. Dr. Maruščáková is a lecturer at UNYP, where she teaches courses such as Sports Psychology, Ethical Issues in Psychology, and Psychological Assessment of Adults.

Over 400 people attended the event on Zoom and YouTube Live. Dr. Maruščáková presented an extensive list of strategies for parents and students to overcome the challenges of online learning. She proposed plans to increase motivation, improve focus, tighten relationships, and maximize academic outcomes from online learning.

The webinar was initially planned for one hour, but the enthusiasm and engagement of the attendees kept the discussion flowing for almost two hours. Dr. Maruščáková answered dozens of intriguing questions, including: “Are there any legal regulations for mandatory webcam usage?”; “How should I plan my day if I’m most active at night?”; and “How to deal with repetition in homeschooling?”

We are delighted that we were able to provide such a helpful event for the general public, and we plan to continue with this mission, as there are many issues that we can potentially explore. You can watch this webinar online on our YouTube channel.



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