UNYP Life Hacks! Get your money’s worth from your time in Prague.

University life can be difficult and stressful for new students, as they come from all around the globe to the University of New York in Prague, and find that they need to adjust to life in this beautiful city while delving into a challenging new curriculum. What if we told you that a few simple life hacks can help you have the best experiences during your time in Prague, and more importantly, take some of the academic weight off your shoulders? UNYP offers various services that will make studying in the Czech Republic feel more like a laid-back journey. 

Many of these services were created and customized to help students acclimate to the academic environment while providing a better life in Prague. These services cater to our students’ personal needs and demands, fulfilling their personal requirements without discrimination. Our student services are not only there for you in your first year – you can still use them even when you are doing your thesis in your final year! Due to the global pandemic, most of these life hacks have been moved to an online format, but their utility and efficiency are unchanged.

Our top 5 UNYP life hacks

  1. UNYP Writing Lab: As a new UNYP student, you will quickly realize that it is vital to be able to write good papers and contribute to discussions if you wish to flourish and succeed. However, if English is not your native language or you were not previously in an American educational system, you might notice that advanced language skills are required. Don’t panic! Our writing lab assists you in understanding how to write like a professional. They help with everything from formatting, grammar, and punctuation, to finding peer-reviewed references, avoiding plagiarism, and APA tutoring. And best of all, the service is 100% free for all UNYP students. All you need to do is book an appointment through the e-Learning link! 
  2. I.S.I.C./UNYP Card: As a student in Prague, would you like to save money, both in the city and across Europe? Your student card has two sides: the ISIC side gives you discounts all over Europe, including cheaper public transport, student deals from Vodafone, and discounted meals in your favorite fast-food restaurants. On the other side you will find your UNYP card, which has deals arranged by your own Student Council & UNYP’s management, including discounts at restaurants around Vinohrady or cheaper academic services at Copy General. This card is your ticket to having fun on a student budget! 
  3. Counseling Center: Have you ever felt mentally exhausted and in need of some help from someone who’s been there? Our counseling center is staffed with only the best psychology students, here to help you. After four years of our undergraduate psychology program, those who decide they want to take their education further and take the psychology master’s program at UNYP are eligible to work in the counseling center. These student counselors were once first-year students trying to fit in, and then seniors stressed from their thesis, so they  can relate to you more than anyone else. They can help you with time management, give tips on the best ways to study, advise on integration into the new university environment, or just be there for you if you need someone to listen to you. As with the writing lab, this UNYP service is also free, and you can book an appointment through the link on e-Learning!  
  4. Perlego and the ESC Library: It was once the case that students had to pay a lot of money for university books and access to academic journals to research and write papers. However, these expenses are becoming a thing of the past, as UNYP and ESC have provided an opportunity for you to acquire all the books and journals you need for free, in an online format that can fit in your pocket.
  5. Erasmus and Exchange Programs: UNYP offers the opportunity to travel abroad to multiple countries in continents such as Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In our humble opinion, this is the best life hack of all, as it allows you to see the world and experience different academic approaches as you maintain your academic placement and progress. When you travel, you automatically become an ambassador of UNYP, representing yourself and the university worldwide, absorbing different perspectives, understanding a variety of programs, and earning experience, all with little to no effort.

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