UNYP President congratulates the class of 2015


Another academic year has passed and the faculty and staff at UNYP are thrilled to announce that our 2015 commencement ceremony is this Saturday, June 27th, at Palác Žofín.  

For the last seventeen years, we have been moved by the dedication and accomplishments of our graduates. Again, this year we are inspired by the diligence and fortitude they have shown throughout their studies at the University of New York in Prague.

Students, as I have stated in my Presidential Message, our aim is to expand your global horizons and to provide you with the knowledge, experience, and multi-cultural perspective that will allow you to explore, learn, question, create, and thrive as productive members of a global society in your chosen careers. 

Throughout your time at UNYP, you have, indeed, encountered the new and unfamiliar. Many of you have communicated, inside and out of the classroom, in languages you are unaccustomed to. Many of you have met and learned from communities you’ve never engage with before. Through these unfamiliarities and additional academic hurdles, in your strive for knowledge, you have succeeded in cultivating your own original voices and perspectives.

It is these lessons that you carry on with you into the world as contributing members of a global society. You will take with you a unique patience in learning new things, commitment to hard work, acceptance when considering other points of view, tolerance for others’ beliefs, and a steadfastness in communicating your opinions.  I wish you all success and continuing personal development in the years to come.


Elias Foutsis

President, University of New York in Prague and New York College Educational Group



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