UNYP professor answers pressing questions on child development

UNYP lecturer Radek Ptáček and Jan Mühlfeit recently made headlines when they discussed the results of a recent Gallup talent test, which brought up questions regarding the long-term results of threats and prohibition when it comes to parenting.

According to Flowee.cz, Ptáček says it’s important for self-knowledge to develop at an early age. "We cannot show children the way to self-knowledge and self-development, both at home and at school,” he told the website. “Even before mothers and fathers call a teacher bad, they should think about themselves too.” The most important period of child’s life to develop such self awareness begins at age 2 and can go on until age 7.

Jan Mühlfeit was one of the featured speakers at TEDxUNYP in 2016, where he spoke about the benefits of incorporating a Buddhist perspective when striving for high achievements. Ptáček is a lecturer in medical psychology, clinical psychologist, forensic expert and also among the top in the field of pediatric psychology.

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