UNYP professor Natasha Sutta invites to the Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition at University spaces

UNYP professor Natasha Sutta will be teaching Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy (and Painting). The course begins on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013. As part of the course students will hold an exhibition of their paintings and calligraphy, and each will give a short presentation about what they have learnt during the course and their research.

The Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition and presentaions will be on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 in classroom 21, 3.30pm –5.30pm. The exhibition is free and everyone is welcome!



Chinese calligraphy is the art of Chinese writing as well as the main expression of the Chinese identity, and thus the key to understanding the Chinese. The discipline of Chinese calligraphy ensures both physical and spiritual benefits. Students will discover the secret of the oldest surviving civilization, the key to its greatness and survival. While uncovering the mystery of calligraphy, one not only begins to see the world from a Chinese perspective but also ensures better understanding and communication between East and West. An insight into the Chinese worldview and perspectives, are vital for better analysis of information and interpretation of Chinese statistics, and help the Westerner to become less of an “outsider”. China’s rapid rise to power and increasing world influence, make it vital to go beyond the superficial knowledge of accumulated facts and figures about China, and gain a deeper and more valuable understanding, which will help to develop TRUST and GUANXI with the Chinese.

You can learn more in the March issue of the UNYP Newsletter Chronicle, where Natasha Sutta will describe her journeys to learn the secret of the Chinese brush.

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