The Unyp PULSE Lecture Series Presented: ‘Toward a New Development Paradigm’ with Dr. Eric Zencey

Dr. Eric Zencey: Fellow, The Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont Visiting Associate Professor of Historical and Political Studies International Programs, SUNY Empire State College

UNYP had the pleasure to present guest lecture which took place on February 26th.

No economy anywhere in the world is ecologically sustainable, which means that every nation in the world faces a development problem: how to become ecologically sustainable at a high level of material wellbeing.  Empire State College faculty member Eric Zencey is part of a UN-commissioned International Working Group that is designing the elements of a New Development Paradigm.  In this talk he reported on the work--its foundational principles, its connection to the Bhutanese notion of Gross National Happiness, some of the key elements that are being proposed for adoption, and the grounding of the work in the emergent field of ecological economics. 


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