UNYP Staffer Participates in the 3rd Migration Forum

The 3rd Migration Forum, an event jointly organised by the European Commission (EC) and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), brought together over 200 experts, including UNYP Student Affairs Manager Ekaterina Kokkalou, from civil society organisations of the 28 Members States to debate burning issues related to migration, such as access to basic needs, resettlement, relocation, family unification, the protection of children, and more.

Ekaterina is also a president and co-founder of migrant organization Youth Included. She had a chance to be among representatives of civil sector, tackling community initiatives and importance of migrant engagement in integration process.

Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos opened the event together with EESC President Georges Dassis. "Migration is the most challenging and divisive issue in Europe and we need to tackle it with a unified approach. No country, no city, no organisation can deal with it alone. Civil society's work on the ground and its advice is crucial to successful European migration policy," said the Commissioner.


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