UNYP Student Spotlight: Teri Hodanova

Many young people aspire to become social media influencers, but this career path does not have to stand in the way of your university education. Moreover, if you pick your course carefully, your studies could even help your social media career. Working as a full-time influencer is an entrepreneurial venture, after all – a small business with your name as the valuable brand. For example, majoring in Business Administration could help you make more money or negotiate better business deals, studying Communication and Media will give you many communication tools for reaching your audience, and a Psychology major can help you understand your followers better.  
This is why Teri Hodanova, a psychology student who is also a social media personality with almost half a million followers, decided to study at the University of New York in Prague. We asked Teri a few questions about her UNYP experience.

“Studying psychology at UNYP helps me understand my audience on social media”

Based on your experience, why do you think UNYP is the best choice for you? 
I have studied in the English language since preschool, and I knew I wanted to continue this at university as well. Although I did not want to leave the Czech Republic permanently, I wanted to have the freedom of choice – if I later decided that I want to try studying abroad, I could. At UNYP, this is absolutely possible.  
Furthermore, I was debating with myself whether the Czech educational system was right for me, personally speaking. I feel like a personal approach from professors is vital, especially in a field like psychology. Also, it’s very hard to actually get access to practice or work experience in psychology, and UNYP has many programs that help you grow in this way.  
What do you like the most about Psychology major at UNYP? 
The teachers! Everyone I have had the chance to meet is very wise, educated and open to passing on their knowledge. I value UNYP’s approach – I always feel heard (sometimes too much!), and very safe about voicing any questions, concerns or opinions.  
Also, it is amazing that you work on your own projects throughout your entire study time – you are not just memorizing facts, but actively using all the information that you learn. You review what you have learned, form your own opinions, and do your own research. What I have done during my first two years of study has been enriching in so many ways.  
Which course has left the most impactful impression on you so far? Why? 
Probably all my courses with Dr. Dodds. I first took Social Psychology with Dr. Dodds in my first semester. I vividly remember being told, “If you find the course too hard, just come back and we’ll change it. He is usually very demanding.” I was so scared! But I loved it – Dr. Dodds is one of the wisest humans I have ever had the chance to meet. His ability to connect seemingly discrete particles is incredible.  
I also really enjoyed Sociology with Mr. Jusic. One sentence stuck with me especially, “If all humans lived to 200 years old on average, how different would our lives be?” I have never felt as free from my own thoughts as I did after finishing this course. Also, I went to Bali a week after that, just to throw in a little cliché moment for that American dream effect!  
How do you plan to utilize your UNYP Psychology degree after graduation? 
I am still not quite sure which path I’ll choose, but I really love health psychology, and want to focus on the holistic approach. I haven’t decided on a specific training program yet, but I already know I definitely want to undergo multiple trainings, and connect lifestyle habits with mental health.  
You have a very strong social media presence. Do you think a psychology degree would help you communicate better with your audience? 
Definitely. It’s not at all the reason for my interest in psychology, but learning about psychology helps you naturally comprehend other people a bit more – understand their opinions, their viewpoints, and so on. So yes, it does help me, and it could help even more if I focused on that aspect specifically.  
What would you tell someone who is considering study at UNYP? 
Do it! Choosing UNYP was the best thing I could have done for myself. You have the freedom to grow here. Everyone does everything in their power to give you the chance to become the best version of yourself. There are truly no limits. And your voice is heard.  

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