UNYP/CVUT Entrepreneurship Lecture Series:Howard Rokofsky presented seminar Cultural Intelligence

On Friday, January 24, 2014, soft skills coach and 25-year world traveler Howard Rokofsky provided the January UNYP/CVUT/Inovacentrum entrepreneurship lab lecture. Howard's talk began with some examples of cultural components, and an assertion that a more developed cultural intelligence will inevitably enhance one's emotional intelligence. 

He then provided a thorough discussion of 10 dimentions of dichotomies of cultures, with examples of nations and regions for each, and some basic strategies for working with those from the opposite side of each dichotomy.  Those dichotomies include:

            1.  Identity: Individualism vs. collectivism. 

            2.  Authority: High vs. Low Power Distance.

            3.  Risk: High vs. Low Uncertainty Avoidance. 

            4.  Achievement: Cooperative vs. Competitive.

            5.  Time: Punctual vs. Relationships.

            6.  Communication: Direct vs. Indirect.

            7.  Lifestyle: Being vs. Doing.

            8.  Rules: Particularist vs. Universalist.

            9. Expressiveness: Neutral vs. Affective.

            10. Social Norms: Tight vs. Loose.

Those in attendance and joining online were pleased to follow up with some questions, and many spoke with Howard after the talk about additional intercultural issues.  UNYP, CVUT, and Innovacentrum thanks Howard Rokofsky for his time and energy in bringing us his ideas in the Entrepreneurship Lab.  The video parts for this talk can be found on Youtube links below: 






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