UNYP/CVUT/ Inovacentrum Entrepreneurship Lecture Series: Dr. Massimiliano Pastore presented seminar Legal aspects of starting a business

On Friday, April 25, 2014, international attorney Massimiliano Pastore provided an hour of discussion on the legal aspects of starting a business for the April contribution to the UNYP/CVUT/Inovacentrum entrepreneurship lecture series as part of UNYP's newly formed Entrepreneurship Center.  

He has practiced law since 2003 and has been advising investors on several high profile transactions (private equity, acquisitions, mergers, real estate development, leveraged buyouts) as head of the Italian desk of a Prague boutique law firm specialising on corporate and tax law. He is a dual qualified attorney admitted to practice in Italy and the Czech Republic. He has been lecturing on comparative business law since 2007, focusing on contract and tort law.

Dr. Pastore discussed the need to incorporate, and the risks involved with remaining a sole proprietorship.  Then he moved on to voting power considerations, lease agreements, termination clauses, non-disclosure agreements for protection of intellectual property, and other topics in response to audience questions. 

UNYP, CVUT, and Innovacentrum thank Dr. Pastore for his time and energy in bringing us his ideas in the Entrepreneurship Lab.  The video for this talk can be found on Youtube:  http://youtu.be/hEeWoKranxI


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