UNYP's Entrepreneurship Center lecture series

On Thursday, September 18, 2014, Jeff Medeiros joined the entrepreneurs at CVUT's InovaJet business incubator to discuss a few principles of B2B sales and logistics, as another installment of UNYP's Entrepreneurship Center lecture series in cooperation with CVUT and Inovacentrum.

The talk was planned for an hour, but everyone stayed for two.  One by one, Mr. Medeiros spoke with each person in the room about their business plans, and his experience about how they could leverage their work to a new level with supply chain management, additional collaboration, addition of outside help, marketing, funding, and anything else that came up in conversation.  Jeff's tremendous experience both in the corporate world and as a successful entrepreneur himself were heavily utilized in these two hours.  Participants were clearly captivated by his contributions, and many expressed interest in further cooperation. 


Jeff provided several memorable points during this talk, most of which applied to nearly any young entrepreneur who is struggling to find how to best move their business forward.  One such moment came in his comment that "Entrepreneurs can plan all they want, but the key is choosing to take the opportunities that present themselves."  Multiple times he returned to the need for constant innovation, allowing your business to nimbly pivot toward new things.  UNYP, CVUT, and Innovacentrum thank Jeff Medeiros for his time and energy in bringing his ideas to our cooperative lecture series.



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