UNYP's General Manager talks with Econom about public vs. private debate in higher education

To mark the twentieth year of UNYP's presence on the education market, Sotiris Foutsis has commented on the biggest challenges for private universities in the Czech Republic.

According to Mr. Foutsis, there are good private universities on the Czech market, which are accredited, have no scandals and provide quality education. Unfortunately, there are other private institutions operating on the market that do not offer the same high-quality education.

UNYP faces the same challenges that all universities must face, such as keeping one step ahead of trends and technologies in education, constant changes in legislation, and the current perception of private schools in the Czech Republic.

Public and private schools can coexist on the Czech market, just as with the US. While the private and public sectors overlap, they also create space for uniqueness and specialization. Some students require a more personalized approach to education and study in an international atmosphere, while other students prefer to study without tuition and like the anonymity of the Czech university environment. Neither option is bad; it depends only on the style of each individual student.


Read the whole Czech article here.

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