UNYP’s Recycling supports The Association to Help Children with disabilities “Motylek Butterfly”

March 17th. UNYP donated 56 computers with their monitors for recycling to the charity project “Donate Computer" and thanks to this we were able to “buy” a tablet which was in turn donated to The Association to Help Children with disabilities “Motylek Butterfly”. 

The tablet was handed over by UNYP’s General Manager Mr. Sotiris Foutsis as a courtesy of the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) and the collective system ASEKOL. The tablet will help the children in the learning process and we hope to be able to support these amazing kids and their teachers more in the future.

ASEKOL also gave presents to all kids from other similar projects and awarded UNYP the certificate for being an ECO Firm.

However the biggest reward for all of us was the smiles of the kids who really enjoyed this event.

You can find more information here: http://www.asekol.cz/tiskove-centrum/aktuality/predani-tabletu-do-sdruzeni-motylek/

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