A Vegan Gem in Prague

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In a castle far, far away, there is a vegan restaurant on the tallest floor of the tallest tower where people from across the land could dine on veggie burgers and sweet dumplings, all while washing it down with a cold beer. Ok, so maybe it's not that far, and it probably isn't in the tallest tower of the land, but Vegan’s Prague is definitely one of my favorite gems of the city to enjoy good company, top-notch vegan food, and breathtaking views. Hidden in Lesser Town, nestled just under the Prague Castle, one must climb a couple (or more than a couple) flight of stairs to be rewarded with some of the best vegan food in Prague. From here, you can dine inside the cozy, renovated attic and peer out the windows to marvel at the red roofs, or sit outside to enjoy your food and a beautiful view of the famous castle.

Vegans’ Prague offers a wide menu of plant-based versions of traditional Czech cuisine, including potato goulash, raw snacks, international dishes, beer (duh), sweet dessert fruit dumplings, an assortment of cakes, daily specials, and much more! During my visit, I ordered the special of the day, which was an insta-worthy veggie burger topped with a mouth-watering sauce and a side of roasted potatoes. My non-vegan family also enjoyed a warm bowl of vegetable soup, and a side of homemade hummus and veggies. The food came out quick, our server was kind, the atmosphere was homey but refined, and nothing was priced over 260 korunas. Everyone at my table, vegans and non vegans, raved about the food and attentive service, and vowed to return soon to try the dessert the table next to us ordered.

After paying the reasonably priced bill and taking one too many photos of the views from the windows, we bid our farewell and headed uphill. With just an eight minute walk to the castle grounds, the convenient location of Vegan’s Prague is a perfect local pit stop, right before you can play tourist and explore where the royals lived. I cannot return soon enough to try everything on Vegan’s Prague menu, and eat like a king! Make sure to follow @vegansprague on Instagram for daily vegan inspo and castle pics, visit their website to take a look at their menu, and check them out on Facebook, Yelp, and HappyCow!

This blog post was provided by Personally Prague, a project for a marketing class at UNYP. 

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