Virtual Open Days at UNYP – Don't miss getting an American university degree in Prague!

All over the world, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced higher education communities to promptly transition to a virtual model of instruction and operation. It seems that we are entering a new chapter in the history of education, with instructors and students being pushed to integrate technology more than ever. The move to online has also affected university admissions departments and prospective candidates. However, the world has not stopped turning, and here at the University of New York in Prague, we are still hard at work! Starting this April, we will be hosting UNYP Virtual Open Days. This is a great time to learn about our 20-year partnership with the State University of New York, Empire State College, and how you can earn an American degree from SUNY, ESC, from Prague. 

Don't let the pandemic interfere with your university education!

Our Virtual Open Day will provide you an opportunity to experience our Open House events from anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection, and you will get access to all of the same valuable insights into life at UNYP. As with all UNYP Open Days, you will need to register for the Virtual Open Day on our website’s event page, where you can choose the most convenient date. Before attending the Virtual Open Day, please take some time to read through our website and familiarize yourself with our programs and goals, especially the Admissions and Academic Programs sections. 

“As we address a new reality of the Czech national quarantine, we must collectively work to continue fulfilling our academic mission," says George Kokkalos, Director of Admissions at UNYP. “We will consider offering the Virtual Open Day option even after we reopen our campus, as it will be convenient for many of our potential international students.”

Broaden your career horizons with a Dual Degree program at UNYP

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly disrupted our usual way of life, and jeopardized the plans of millions of potential students. With all of the existing and upcoming travel restrictions, you might think that your dream of studying in the US will never come true. Before giving up on your dream entirely, you might want to look into alternative options for receiving an authentic American education without leaving the Czech Republic. The partnership between UNYP and the State University of New York allows students to earn a degree directly from the State University of New York while staying here in the Czech Republic, not travelling to the US or paying US tuition. Also, one bachelor’s degree is good, but two are better. UNYP students who study an American bachelor’s degree in Business AdministrationCommunication & MediaInternational Relations, or Psychology have the option of obtaining a dual degree. If they meet the requirements, they will receive two separate degrees, an American degree from the State University of New York, Empire State College, and a European bachelor’s degree (bakalář, Bc.) awarded by UNYP. As with dual citizenship, having degrees that are accredited by both the US and the Czech Republic can make you more attractive to prospective employers, simply by covering more bases. 

What can I expect from UNYP’s Virtual Open Day?

First-hand information

Prospective students have access to more information about higher education options than ever before, but Open Days are still the best way to get a real ‘feel’ for a university. Given the current world economic situation, as well as the general uncertainty of our times, you must carefully consider your choice of university and degree. Attending an Open Day, even a virtual one, can play a significant role. 

Identify a university that suits you

If you accept a place from one of your top choice universities without visiting, you might feel the impact of this decision later on in your student life. It is not impossible to change universities after the first semester or  even a year, but it is unnecessarily stressful. 

Ask questions

If you plan to apply to study the same subject at several different places, be sure to ask each Admissions Officer about the program structure at their institution. This can help to highlight the subtle differences between courses at different universities. Try to talk to students who are currently attending the program of your choice, and find out if it is possible to get an internship while you study towards your degree. 

Beyond academics

If you have time, make sure to ask questions about the university’s student life. You might be surprised, but just like the quality of education, the quality of student life varies from school to school. For example, UNYP students participate in the organization of the annual, licensed TEDxUNYP event, compete in the ESC research contest, present research at the International Student Research Conference, and learn to play floorball with professional elite floorball players from the SPARTA PRAHA team. One of the highlights of the Open Day is getting a sense of the support offered by the university and student council in terms of study abroad programs, sporting activities, and future career prospects.

Accommodation options

Don’t forget to ask about the accommodation options and eating facilities in and around the campus. You might not always have time to cook for yourself while being a full-time student. Be sure to find out how long it will take you to get to college from the student apartments, as your daily route to school will set your routine.

Meet the instructors

In order to understand whether the program of your choice is right for you, there is no better source than the professors themselves. Speaking directly with your potential course instructors can give you a sense of their approach to teaching. The instructors’ approach can be as crucial as the content they provide, so see if they could become your role model who inspires you to learn.

Discover your educational path 

If you are still not sure about your specialization, attending an Open Day will allow you to determine which program option will be better for you. Imagine that you know you would like to study a business-related degree, but you are torn between, for example, Sports Administration and Marketing. Many degree seekers do not yet know what their life passion is.  We recommend asking specific questions about program structures – after attending a few different Open Days, you may find out that your number five choice has a better course structure than your original number one pick. To make sure that you don’t miss the chance to find your favorite place to study, make sure to register for our Virtual Open Day. 

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