What NOT to do before graduation


UNYP’s 2015 graduation ceremony is on Saturday, June 27th, at Palác Žofín, and students are gearing up for the commencement.  During this week, while students are taking a much needed break after the grueling finals and spending time with their proud families and friends, remember this much-heeded (and likewise, often ignored) advice, moderation is key. Here are a few pointers for those ready to take on their new found freedom.

1. You're going to need a fresh face

We are all aware that graduation starts in the early evening on Saturday and Friday nights can be quite tempting.  However, if your family and guests have made the commute to attend the ceremony, you can be certain that photos will be taken.  Not only will said photos be taken, but they will be reformatted, shared, uploaded and shared again.  Of course, these photos are only shared with love, so make your grandmother back home overjoyed to see your ecstatic, smiling, well-groomed faces.


2. It’s easier to become a couch potato than you think

The end of a student’s final semester of university can be quite demanding, to say the least.  And though students can breathe easy, be proud of their accomplishments, and relax, be wary of falling into a lazy routine.  Binge-watching tv and sleeping throughout the day are unhealthy methods of dealing with idle time and can be physically and mentally weighty.  Wake up early just for the sake of experiencing a full day, enjoy an aimless walk through Prague, exercise, or read in the park.


3. Make time for each other

Don’t be flaky on plans you’ve made with your graduating peers.  If you are busy with family, try to carve out some time to spend with your friends.  Though it’s hard to admit, even the strongest friendships show wear once distance is involved, and oftentimes university friends move away for careers.  You have helped them to grow just as much as they’ve helped you, and now is the time to show your appreciation.


Remember to tag all of your graduation photos with the #UNYPGrad hashtag over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and together, we’ll create a lasting momento of your final moments with UNYP.

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