Where to find internships in Prague

An internship is one of the most productive and beneficial ways in which you can spend your free time while studying at UNYP. A good internship should give you an opportunity to test and develop yourself in a real work environment – you shouldn’t be making coffee for your full-time colleagues, but keep in mind that internships are mostly considered as training, so your impact on the company will be limited.  

You might feel lost at the beginning of your search for an internship, especially if you are new to Prague or not a Czech native. We have already covered some reasons why you should seek an internship as a student, and tips for landing an internship, so the following tips should help you take the first step towards your dream internship.  

Where to start when searching for an internship while studying in Prague 


UNYP Career Office 

UNYP gives its students full-service care during their time in Prague. Our university has always been established in the Czech Republic as a reputable higher education organization that produces successful alumni, which is why many companies come to us first in their search for talent. Our Career Office organizes Career Weeks every year, where you can meet directly with representatives from various companies. Our regular internship providers include Siemens, Amazon, SAP, McKinsey and ExxonMobil. 


Career websites 

We have made Googling a little bit easier for you. There are several websites specific to the Czech job market, which should increase your chances of finding a good offer. Welcome to the Jungle is a Czech-based company that focuses on presenting companies in an in-depth and creative way. They focus on conveying company culture, so you can see if an internship is the right match for you. You can expect in-depth content such as video interviews with key company employees. COCUMA is similar to Welcome to the Jungle. A hidden gem for job searching in the Czech Republic in general is Startupjobs.cz, which tends to be the main HR platform for companies, and advertises jobs in the startup field.   


Company websites 

Another place to find internships is by directly searching on a company website. This option might be obvious, but many students forget about it. There is nothing easier than making a list of companies that interest you, and checking out their corporate website. You will usually be able to find direct contact details for an HR representative, so you can increase your chance by boldly giving them a call and introducing yourself directly. 


Social Media 

Before searching for internships online, make sure that your online persona is presentable. We have recently covered this topic, and your online persona is truly crucial for job searching in general. You are probably thinking of LinkedIn now – and you are correct! As a platform exclusively for professionals, LinkedIn lets you connect directly with people within companies, and ask them for advice. The majority of companies list their open positions on LinkedIn, but note that Facebook also has a jobs section now, and you can look for internships there. A good start is to find companies that interest you, and follow their official page. Some companies even post open positions on their Instagram feed! Social Media platforms are used for employer branding, which makes them especially helpful. 


Deciding to pursue an internship is a highly beneficial step for your development as a young adult. We must once again repeat the importance of your online persona, as HR workers tend to Google you after reading your CV. Make sure to choose the right internship for you. Do your research beforehand, read reviews and ask current employees for their experience. Avoid joining an internship with friends, because getting out of your comfort zone is crucial for your first work experience. The same goes with familiar companies – it may seem counterintuitive, but don’t go into companies where you already know people or have established relationships.  

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