Why choose an MBA in Entrepreneurship?

Would you prefer to play a small role in a big organization, or to launch your own business as a founder or CEO? Of course, the latter is riskier, but more and more UNYP students pursuing an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship are turning to that option. If you think that you do not need formal education to become an entrepreneur, think twice. Higher education will help you get that competitive advantage in the highly competitive world of contemporary business. 

A UNYP MBA with a focus in Entrepreneurship will help you transform your ideas into a thriving business.

In general, an MBA opens doors to high-paying positions in the corporate world. However, if you know you wish to start your own business, there are many advantages to gaining an MBA degree in entrepreneurship, including the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and knowledge through an entrepreneur-focused curriculum.


To come up with good ideas that could become a base for your future business endeavor, you need to step away from your day-to-day life. Our MBA in Entrepreneurship program allows you space and time to think about solving business problems in a safe, professional environment, test your ideas, and make mistakes with fewer consequences. It gives you an opportunity to launch your start-up in an almost risk-free environment.

Hands-on learning experience

Another advantage to studying an MBA in entrepreneurship is the opportunity to learn through collaborating with like-minded people. Developing perfect business plans, finding new ventures, identifying business opportunities and practicing your leadership skills in a variety of mock situations and contexts. This program was designed to help students avoid many of the most common mistakes that are experienced by new entrepreneurs when starting and running businesses.

Improve existing businesses 

MBA graduates can be a great help to existing businesses because they can identify where the company is making losses, re-evaluate its time management, and plan for a prosperous future.  MBA graduates have a strong understanding of how to make a business more commercial, and a much better vision of running a business in general. Going over the case studies during your program is especially helpful in recognizing patterns and successful business practices, and can prevent you from having to learn everything the hard way. 

Career Options

Most graduates pursue an MBA degree in entrepreneurship for launching their start-ups or improving the prospects of existing businesses. However, some students decide to gain relevant experience in the industry first, in order to refine their skills and accumulate the necessary finance. Some of the possible potential workplaces include consulting firms, corporations, financial services, internet commerce, and manufacturing. With an MBA degree in entrepreneurship, you can get positions such as business development manager/director, consultant, or even marketing manager/director. With UNYP's MBA in entrepreneurship, you will learn how to run and grow a company – not just how to launch it. 

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