Why choose an MBA in Finance?

Graduate studies can prepare you for a more senior or managerial role in your profession. When choosing an MBA degree concentration, you must be aware of which skills are essential in your area. You will acquire focused expertise, so it’s important to be sure about your professional ambitions before you commit to an MBA program with a concentration. 

The University of New York in Prague offers a wide range of MBA concentrations, including Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Marketing and Project Management. The UNYP MBA is an IACBE-accredited program, which means that you can get a prestigious American degree in the center of Europe. One of the most significant benefits of getting an MBA program in Prague is the opportunity to gain a global perspective on business matters, whether you want to build your career in the Czech Republic or any other international destination.

In fields such as finance, an MBA is nearly a requirement, sometimes even for entry-level positions. An MBA in Finance from the University of New York in Prague will prepare you to take on a critical role within any organization. You will learn skills in accounting, commercial and reinvestment banking, market analysis, and economics that are essential to the operation of every business enterprise.

The doors opened by a University of New York in Prague MBA with a concentration in Finance will let you take your career to the next level. 

Career opportunities in finance include financial analysis, financial services, investment banking, securities, risk management, information systems, and corporate financial management. Financial managers develop and oversee the implementation of a corporation’s commercial strategy. They also make decisions and engage in strategic planning and business development activities. Investment bankers specialize in advising clients about managing bonds and executing investment strategies. Chief financial officers are placed in charge of financial reporting and are responsible for directing the monetary policies and goals of the organization. 

We asked Professor Sotiris Karagiannis about the benefits of UNYP's MBA.  

S.K.: "We offer a program that is mainly for managers who are active in different functions of an organization and in need of strong finance knowledge to make financial decisions – not just in the capacity of a financial manager. All top-level managers need to be able to understand budgets, plan properly, and handle the finances of their department or organization. At UNYP we give hands-on experience from people who have much practical knowledge to offer our students, which they can use upon returning to work. An MBA with a concentration in Finance mostly attracts managers and potential managers, who want to receive a solid knowledge of Financial Management. Our applicants come from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds, fostering creativity and offering a range of perspectives and ideas." 

Every UNYP MBA program includes some finance courses in its curriculum, in order to give our students the skills and professional vocabulary to communicate in the finance sector, monitor a company’s finances and generally ensure corporate financial health. An MBA in finance delves deep into advanced topics such as financial analytics, financial policies, macro and microeconomics, and international financial markets, risk and portfolio management. Last but not least, this degree can create the potential for earning a higher salary.  Executive-level finance positions can make six-figure salaries depending on the company. Earning an MBA can improve your employee value in the highly competitive labor market, which directly affects pay increases. 

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