Why choose a university in Prague, far from home?

Choosing where to go to university is one of the most significant decisions you will make, and there are several factors to consider. As Covid-19 impacts the opening of campuses in the spring, this decision has become more complicated, particularly when considering attending a university far from your home. However, the world’s pandemic situation is changing rapidly, and with European countries beginning mass vaccinations, we can hope that things will return to normal in the foreseeable future. Even now, studying abroad in the Czech Republic is entirely possible. The University of New York in Prague continues to accept international students, and there is a chance that current obstacles to international studies (such as travel restrictions, prolonged time for visa processing, and a volatile labor market) will be lessened in the near future. In short, it is the right time to enroll at UNYP and begin your higher education journey. University is a good time to leave home and learn to be independent, and attending a school outside your hometown, country, or even continent opens up a new world of opportunities. Of course, you are never alone at UNYP; there are always people and facilities to take care of you. Prague could become your second home and a place where you will find yourself. 

Why should you consider studying abroad in Prague


Whether you are looking into undergraduate or graduate programs, if you grew up and went to school in the same place, it might be time for you to expand your horizons and explore a new country. While you might miss your friends and family, the decision to study abroad will help you grow socially and professionally. You can explore new possibilities, make new connections, and find new directions for the future. 

Make new friends 

You’re going to make new friends, no matter where you go to university. However, going to a school far away from home means that you are more likely to socialize with students from other countries. Although this may sound overwhelming at first, many UNYP students find that coming to study in Prague is a perfect way to meet people that they would not otherwise have encountered. Of course, you will still keep in touch with friends from your high school or previous university, and you might choose to go back home after graduating from UNYP, but you will be going back with a new contact base of friends from all over the world. Of course, warming up to a new city may take some time, particularly if you are moving away from home for the first time. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try! You will settle in within a few weeks, and start enjoying your new community.

Gain more freedom 

Leaving your parents’ home is a significant change. Many international students do not realize how much influence their parents had over their lives until they moved to study at the University of New York in Prague. When it is time to actually try to live independently, most students leap at the opportunity. The journey to independence begins with the application process: contact with the Admissions Officers, attending Virtual Open Days, preparing your questions, and taking care of the paperwork if you need a visa to study in the Czech Republic. 

Take up a new challenge 

Going to university abroad is an ideal way to reinvent yourself, whether professionally, academically, or individually. This chance to move out of your comfort zone will change you forever. You might need to learn to cook or improve your time-management skills. Possibly you will have to overcome shyness to make new friends or get an internship while you are residing in Prague. Your own challenges will depend on your situation, but it is fair to say that you will return home a changed and more mature person.


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