Why Model United Nations?

Anastasia Latenkova

Student in the Bachelor's in International & Economic Relations program 

The Model United Nations is somewhere between an academic conference and a game of make-believe, in which students replicate the actual meetings of the United Nations. 

Julie Svarovská

Student in the Master's in Professional and Business Communication program 

The conferences are usually focused on topics such as human rights, regional conflicts, disarmament, refugees, children, economic development, the debt of developing countries and the environment. Model UN participants – delegates, chairmen, observers and experts – serve as the official representatives of UN member states and members of international organizations attending the conference. At the Model UN, the delegates put aside their personal viewpoints, and defend the official positions of the countries they represent. The ultimate goal of each committee is to adopt resolutions on the matter being discussed. 

The Model UN teaches its participants skills in diplomacy, leadership, public speaking and reaching consensus. Furthermore, it brings together like-minded young people who are bright, talented and united by the desire to make their world a better place. The Model UN is a place where strong friendships are formed, overcoming national borders and continents, languages and cultures. During Model UN conferences, participants support each other, work closely together at the meetings and relax at cultural events. Great experiences and new friends are guaranteed! 

Last but not least, Model UN is a school which opens up a whole world of ideas, opinions and experiences, provides a unique opportunity for self-realization and self-expression. It tests and develops its members’ intellectual and creative abilities, erudition and creative thinking. Model UN is a great way to learn organization and time management in order to cope with academic and extracurricular activities. Participating in Model UN facilitates the acquisition and improvement of high-quality debating skills, and helps to overcome the fear of public speaking. 

Model UN is a fascinating experience filled with interesting meetings and events. It definitely helped me to understand the importance of the future and to feel like a necessary and unique part of the world community. 

For me, Model UN has been a great opportunity to express myself and my opinions on issues of international politics, to develop skills in negotiation strategy and tactics, and to learn about the challenges of international cooperation and the difficulties and contradictions of modern diplomacy.  I learned about the serious problems faced by people in different regions, the way in which the work of the United Nations can improve the lives of the people of the world, and how international law can help solve modern international issues. 

Although not all of the delegates will become diplomats, Model UN is likely to be a first step for many new stars of international relations.

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