Why physical punishment does not work

In the Czech Republic, the tolerance for physical punishment is generally high. The Czech courts usually do not punish parents who are physically abusing children. The only meaningful solution is zero tolerance.

Clinical psychologist and UNYP professor Radek Ptáček was interviewed by Týden magazine about physical punishment and its result. According to him, physical punishment does not work. ''Think about this'', says Mr. Ptáček. ''Young boy occasionally hits someone at school. Parents are angry at him and tell him to never do it again. When we ask them how they explained it to him, the answer is simple - if he does it again, he will be spanked. Now imagine how confusing this is for the kid. You are basically telling him that he cannot hit anyone, otherwise he will be hit. This is not the right approach. The main value of our society should be that violence in any form is not acceptable.''

Find the whole article here and here.

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