Why is the UNYP Library so cool?

The University of New York in Prague has so many great features, and the Library is definitely one of our favorites. In this article we would like to introduce you to this particularly awesome library – its location, what you can find there, and what it offers to UNYP students.

The UNYP Library is located at Londýnská 32, just over the road from the main UNYP campus. Very convenient!

The Library’s holdings include over 13,000 physical books. As well as most of the textbooks that you will need for your education at UNYP, you can find books across diverse genres, from the social sciences to science fiction. In fact, the UNYP Library is still one of the largest collections of English-language books in Prague! Additionally, our library is equipped with print-and-go stations, 16 sitting PC posts, 6 standing points, 2 project meeting rooms PCs, two high-tech project rooms, a large study room and student locker facilities. To be honest, it is pretty tough to find a better place to study in Prague.

In addition to the physical textbooks and material available in the building, the UNYP Library offers an extensive list of electronic and online library resources. UNYP is the first Czech university to offer the e-Textbook library Perlego, which carries more than 400,000 publications. UNYP students have access to Perlego, Statista, ESC database. We can also arrange you access to more than 25 other databases, like Jstor, Proquest, Sage, etc. through our partner institutions. Finally, UNYP and ESC students are able to access the ESC online library through our partner university, the State University of New York, Empire State College. The ESC online library provides access to an additional 60,000 electronic books, as well as tens of thousands of journals in electronic form.

Overall, the UNYP Library is a great student resource, and the only drawback is its popularity. You may have a hard time finding a free spot in the project meeting rooms – so we advise you to book in advance! We strongly recommend making this library your regular study spot, as the calm atmosphere and generous resources will make you productive beyond your wildest ambitions. We look forward to seeing you there!


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