Why you should study IT Management

IT Management

Prague is an epicenter for the Information Technology field. One brief scan of postings on Jobs.cz or Expats.cz demonstrates how many companies are looking for quality employees eager to navigate the complicated world of Information Technology. To ensure our students remain competitive job candidates after graduation, University of New York in Prague is now offering a new program in IT Management.

“IT is synonymous with everything that’s out there in the workforce, whether it be medical, business, marketing, communications,” says Michael Williams, lecturer and head of the new program.

While there is stiff competition in the IT field of study among universities in Prague, UNYP’s program distinguishes itself by blending technical skills with a Business Administration approach, allowing students to be well qualified for management positions in global corporations.

“There’s a big grey area between IT and users,” Williams says. “If you work in IT, you have to learn how to communicate and negotiate with executives and the organization that you’re providing support for. You have to learn to market what it is you want to do, and you need to communicate it to people who are not always the most tech savvy.”

The current program features many fundamental courses which focus on computers and applications, e-commerce and marketing technologies, and information management. Although the program is only 6 months old, computer coding classes will be offered in the near future. Unlike other schools that put more emphasis on math and coding, our program stresses the importance of international commerce, a vital concept in today’s business environment.

In the short term, Williams wants to focus on keeping the curriculum as relevant to the current business climate as possible and getting more women into the program. “Women in technology will be the dominant trend in the future,” he says. “Statistics show women are scoring higher in math and applied sciences, but the male culture of field can discourage them from pursuing careers in tech.”

Looking further ahead, Williams would like to offer more concentrations, including courses on cybersecurity and cloud technology. “Overall, we want to stay flexible and look at what’s in demand from companies,” he says, “especially since IT plays a major part in making sure an organization is successful.”

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