Your cultural education: UNESCO sites of the Czech Republic

No matter if you’re studying psychology, international relations or business, your college experience will be inextricably linked to your location. Being a student in Prague is an incredible experience – not everyone can say that their university is located in a building that was built in the early 20th century (or even earlier)! However, in the interests of culturally educating yourself (equally as important as the empirical knowledge you will amass) we have put together a list of UNESCO World Heritage sites within the Czech Republic that you absolutely have to visit while you are finishing your degree.

Kutná Hora

Located an hour drive from Prague, the beautiful city of Kutná Hora boasts a place within the World Heritage UNESCO list due to the historical city center, the Church of St. Barbara and the Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec. Visit the city to take a walk through the silver mines, admire the Gothic architecture of the Church of St. Barbara or, if you enjoy not sleeping and Tim Burton movies, check out the Ossuary known to locals as the Bone Church. 

Český Krumlov

Considered to be one of the most romantic towns in the Czech Republic, the heart of Český Krumlov is its’ 13th century castle. Due to its relatively peaceful history, the town has retained its medieval charm and attracts many visitors who fall for its quaint beauty. Visit the castle and its gardens to play King for a while, or check out the more contemporary Siedel photography museum where you can find admire their period photography, vintage cameras or postcards. 

Litomyšl Castle    

One of the greatest examples of Italian Renaissance architecture, the castle is located in Litomyšl, just a 2-hour train ride from Prague. Built in the 16th century, it is now a UNESCO-crowned jewel in the Pardubice region. Among the castle’s many attractions is the grand dining room, the chapel or the billiard room, but their pride and joy is the wonderfully preserved 18th century theater. The castle routinely holds events for visitors so take a gander and get yourself down for a day of wishing you had your own castle. 



The Czech Republic has many more UNESCO-certified places to visit all of which are easily accessible by train, plane or automobile. So take some time to explore and supplement your college studies with a little culture!



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