Polina Shubkina

MFA Photography, SCAD (USA)
B.A. Fashion Design, ESMOD (France)
B.A. Design, Ural Architecture Academy (Russia)

Polina Shubkina is a Russian-Romanian artist, photographer, and educator. Since 2015, she works as a Prague-based freelance photographer, social media manager, and university lecturer. With major clients, including the University of New York in Prague, AIRBNB, King's Casino, Rebye Stars Casinos, LemonOne, BOOM, and Las Adelitas restaurants. During the past eleven years, Polina lived and worked in Paris, Hong Kong, and Prague and worked remotely for various clients from Austria, Italy, the USA, and Russia. Her work experience includes over ten years in the creative industry, including commercial photography, content writing for fine art photography and education industries, art project management, illustration, social media management, and teaching. Please follow the link to her portfolio for more information. www.shupolina.com

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