Prague’s Off-the-Beaten-Path Curiosities

The beauty and history of Prague is well-known. When you choose to study abroad at the University of New York in Prague, you’ll be able to walk the twisting streets of the Old Town; travel back in time and take in one of the most well-preserved medieval cities in the world. While you are here studying you have a unique opportunity that few tourists get, the ability to immerse yourself in all that Prague has to offer, you’ll discover that Prague is more than just its charming centuries-old center. We have made a list of a few of our favorite curiosities that you simply can’t find anywhere else:

The Jewish Cemetery

Not much is left of the old Jewish quarter after most of it was torn down in the 19th century. However, one spot has remained throughout the centuries: the Jewish cemetery. One of the oldest Jewish burial sites in the world, the gravestones have piled up on themselves over time, and people have been buried at various levels. More than 12,000 headstones were erected between 1439 and 1787 when the last soul found their final resting place here. The atmosphere is so unique, it became the backdrop for the video of INXS’s haunting “Never Tear Us Apart.”

Cubist Architecture

When people say that you can find any architecture style in Prague, you can believe them. Czech Republic even has its very own unique brand of architectural wonders in the style of cubism. Just stroll a bit from the Old Town Square to the House of the Black Madonna, the location Prague’s Cubist Museum. That’s a great jumping off point to explore these amazing architectural curiosities that simply cannot be found anywhere else. 

Strahov Stadium

People will probably look at you funny if you tell them the world’s biggest stadium is in Prague, but it’s true. That hulking concrete slab you can see on top of Petřín Hill! It even played home to concerts by acts like the Rolling Stones and U2.

Prague Castle

Wait, everyone knows about the Castle, what’s it doing on this list? Well, did you know that Prague Castle is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest castle complex? That just adds to the long list of superlatives that can be listed about Prague Castle.

Žižkov TV Tower

One of the most striking sites in Prague is only a short tram ride away from University of New York in Prague. The Žižkov TV tower is sometimes called communism's parting gift to Prague. Love it or hate it, the rocket-like structure towers over the rest of the city and provides some of the best views. You can also see the little black babies crawling over the superstructure; a delightful installation by renowned Czech artist David Černý.

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