Prague’s best American food

Experiencing a new city’s food is all part of the adventure, but sometimes you’d like a taste of home when you’re away! Here’s our guide to where to find the best American food in Prague.


If you’re a burger fan (and who isn’t?) you're in luck as Prague is in the grips of a burger craze! Two of the city’s best burger joints are in easy walking distance from the UNYP campus. Dish Fine Burger Bistro makes Prague’s official ‘best burger’ according to a recent poll, and the American owned Tavern in Žižkov serves them in red baskets with curly fries for the ultimate taste of home.


If you feel like getting your hands dirty, head to Bad Jeff’s BBQ on Americká street (how appropriate!) for the most melt-in-your-mouth ribs in the city. Jeff serves some mean chicken wings too, and the restaurant’s back garden is a little oasis in the middle of busy Vinohrady. If you find yourself over the river in Smíchov head straight to Bejzment where a full slab of world famous Cherry BBQ ribs comes with a side of coleslaw and a rocking dive bar atmosphere.

Pizza by the slice

Ok, we know Pizza’s not really American food, but if you find yourself in need of a slice then Giallo Rossa’s take-out window will sort you out. Or even better, sit inside and do a bit of people watching while you indulge.

Hot Dogs

True Czech hotdogs are available at street-food stands all over the city. Called “párek v rohlíku”, it is a sausage inserted into a hollow bun and we recommend trying one from the stand at Náměstí Míru, you’ll soon see why it won the title of Prague's ‘Best Hotdog Stand’. For the American version, Vinohrady’s bustling Anglická street is home to the gourmet hotdog cafe, Sweet and Pepper Days. Old Town’s Naše Maso is technically a butcher shop, but they’ll grill up a mean hotdog for you using their own sausage made with meat from Czech farms. Dobrou chuť!

Reuben Sandwiches

A short ten minute walk from UNYP’s campus, the newly opened La Bibiche serves a variety of meaty and delicious pastrami sandwiches. The venue is just a small, hole-in-the-wall kind of spot, but the creative menu of classic Reubens, and twists like the Slow Roasted Pork sandwich with mustard and cabbage, are to die for.

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