PULSE Lecture: Philanthropy, Can We Get It Right? Notes from a Field Worker

Event Date: 
21.09.2015 -
15:00 to 17:00

PULSE Lecture by Yechiel Bar-Chaim called "Philanthropy, Can We Get It Right? Notes from a Field Worker" will take place on Monday, September 21 from 15:00 in Classroom 001. 

Since 1989 Yechiel Bar-Chaim has served as a field worker, carrying out various philanthropic duties in Central Europe, Tunisia, and Israel.  He was educated at Harvard, the Sorbonne, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  In between, after rigorous military training, he became a U.S. Army captain at NATO Military Headquarters in Belgium. Working since 2014 as an independent consultant on philanthropic strategy, Bar-Chaim currently divides his time mostly between Paris, Prague, and Jerusalem.  He is a devoted admirer of TGM, Anton Chekhov, and Albert Camus.

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