Self-discipline/Digital Productivity Webinar

Event Date: 
27.04.2021 -
15:00 to 16:00



"You will never have everything done. You'll never finish everything that lands on your table. It is important to dedicate your time to what is truly important for you. At school, at work, at home or anywhere else".

"However, today it's a little more complicated, isn't it? Lots of changes, Covid quarantine, learning, online lectures, you want to pursue with your hobbies but your attention is constantly attracted by YouTube or Netflix ... And before you get over, it's evening and you have to move the important things to the next day. What to do about it? Even though there is a crisis, one thing you can count on is your self-discipline. Let´s work on it together". 


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What will you learn on the webinar?

• What is self-discipline, where it comes from, and where it often disappears

• How to use it and focus your attention on the most important things 

• How to prevent resistance that appears when it is better to work hard


What will you "take away"?

• Instructions for creating a priority map

• Own action plan for the next day and upcoming period of time 

• A set of tips to help you not hacking your action plan


The webinar IS for those

• Who do not catch up, are busy, have a load of work, do not have time, and so on

• Who feel that they are continually postponing what is important

• Who no longer want to look for "but" and prefer to work on themselves


A webinar is definitely NOT for those

• Who know what they need and don't have a problem working on it

• Who have an overview of their commitments, which they fulfill without problems

• Who can complete a task without being distracted




Personal productivity lecturer and consultant on the use of modern digital tools in companies. He also served as editor-in-chief of Mít vše hotovo - a portal about personal growth. Every year, more than a thousand participants from companies of various specializations go through his training programs, seminars, and lectures - from technological start-ups, through mobile operators, public administration to major engineering companies. He works with clients to build new skills to increase work productivity. He does not focus on passing on commonly available information, but primarily on acquiring skills and building productive habits.


He makes YouTube productivity videos, writes his own blog, but also for ForbesNa volné noze, or Podnikatel magazines.


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