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April 17 2020
It is not unusual for students to switch institutions after their first semester, or even after a full year of study. Sometimes it takes time to find the right program, especially when you strive for quality education that will allow you to unlock your full potential. For this blog post, we talked to Michal Pažák, the captain of the Slovak National Floorball Team and an ... Read more >
April 07 2020
This year’s pandemic has created significant challenges for people and economies all over the world. The circumstances have put millions of people out of work, because unfortunately many jobs cannot be done from a home office. Of course, a lot of these jobs will come back once we overcome the crisis, but if you... Read more >
February 24 2020
Last week on Thursday February 20, we had a great opportunity to welcome Mr. Ondáš at UNYP who had an interactive presentation on the topic of public data and its role in B2B Sales and Marketing.  Mr. Ondáš had a varied career in the software industry in SAP company (Germany, California) and later on in McKinsey & Company as a... Read more >
February 17 2020
The University of New York in Prague would like to congratulate the UNYP and Empire State College team on winning the Czech round of the prestigious CFA Institute Research Challenge 2020! The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition that provides university students with an opportunity to gain real-world experience in financial analysis and professional ethics. We also... Read more >
October 07 2019
We often hear business leaders and analytics express disappointment about the unfortunate gap between what students learn at higher education establishments and what they are expected to know to be job-ready. In an age of unpredictable changes and constant evolution in the job market, it is hard to argue that the traditional knowledge acquired during a university degree is still relevant. A... Read more >


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